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Vintage Bee Cash Envelope System

Forest Rose Creative

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Now you can keep track of your finances AND stay on budget with this gorgeous vintage bee designed Money Envelope System.

Make managing your expenses easy with our easy to print Cash Envelopes and Cash Envelope Inserts. The trending cash envelope system is a great way to stay focused on budgeting.

These printable cash envelopes and Transaction Registers are designed to go hand in hand with the cash envelope system! They are the perfect way to keep yourself accountable.

The printable Money Envelope System allows you to give each envelope a category, as well as keep track of the money taken out of each individual cash envelope. You will also love the pretty printable envelopes to keep your cash, transaction registers in. I've also included 80 free bonus labels!

This is a digital file nothing will be physically sent to you.

- 14 total pages
- 6 PDF pages with Cash Envelopes with one 6.5 x 3in Envelopes. (6 different designs)
- 6 PDF pages with three 2.75in x 5.8in transaction registers (total of 6 different designs registers) Category section to categorize each envelope, Keep track of your starting balance in the starting balance section. Columns include - date, description, amount, and balance
- FREE BONUS 2 PDF pages with a total of 80 labels.
- Printable, so you can print more as you need them
- US Letter size (8.5in x 11in)

- 2-PDF (portable digital file)


ENVELOPES - Print on cardstock paper, cut along outside edge, fold each dotted line starting with the bottom then sides and top. Use packing tape to hold sides in place.

REGISTERS - Print on standard paper for a more flexible slip, or cardstock to make them sturdy. Cut along the outside lines. Laminate and use a thin tip marker to write and use rubbing alcohol to erase.

LABELS- Print on sticker paper, peel and stick to the blank space in the front of the envelopes or print on regular printer paper and tape desired label to the blank space in the front of the envelope.

Household, Car Misc., Prescriptions, Beauty, Dining Out, Bills, Subscriptions, Shopping, Groceries, Utilities, Phone Bill, Gifts, Savings, Tithe, Medicine, Christmas, Gas, Giving, Laundry, Birthdays, Projects, Gas/Electric, Childcare, Taxes, Fun, Internet, Sinking Fund, Insurance, Clothing, Sat. Dish, School, Dentist, Mortgage, Cable, College, Orthodontist, Rent, Personal, Selfcare, Crafts, Vacation, Wedding, Patio Misc., Golf, Hair App., New Baby, Playset, Beach, Date Night, Anniversary, Party, Garden, Couples Retreat, Misc., Curriculum, Student Loan, Shopping, Home Misc., Homeschool, Emergency, Pets, Car Payment, Preschool, No Touch, Pool, New House, Private School, New Paint, Hot Tub, New Car, Boat, Kitchen, Patio, New Floor, Camping, Furniture, Remodel, New Carpet, RV, Hobbies

**Because this is a digital product, no returns are accepted

-Print it at home with your own printer (Set printing settings to "Actual Size" or Custom Scale 100%)
-Go to a local photo lab or print shop
-Upload to an online photo printing company

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