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St. Patrick's Day Preschool Pack (141 Pages)

Forest Rose Creative

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St. Patrick's Day Learning Printable pack for preschool aged kids! These super fun and festive printable pages are the perfect way to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day while learning!

Note: This is the premium version of my free St. Patrick's Day Preschool Pack.

In this Printable Pack: 

  • 141 Beautifully Themed Pages!!
  • Uppercase/Lowercase Match Activity
  • Directional Coloring Sheets 
  • Color Word Match Activity
  • Scissor Practice Sheets
  • Number Word Identification Match Activity (0-12)
  • Read, Trace, Write Practice Sheets
  • Uppercase/ Lowercase Match Clip Cards
  • Prewriting Practice Sheets
  • Which one is different? (practice sheet)
  • Which One Comes Next in the Pattern? (practice activity)
  • Do-a-dot Pictures
  • Puzzles -10 Numbered Pieces
  • Puzzles - 8 Pieces (Not Numbered)
  • Letter Sorting Mats Aa-Zz 
  • Size Sequencing Activity
  • Letters Aa-Zz Identification Sheets
  • Number Identification Sheets 0-10
  • Matching Game
  • Beginning Sounds Clip Cards 
  • Vocab/Reading Practice Activity
  • Counting Practice Clip Cards
  • Number Tracing and Counting Practice Sheets
  • Uppercase Alphabetical Ordering Activity
  • Lowercase Alphabetical Ordering Activity
  • Lacing Cards

I recommend printing the cutouts on cardstock paper and laminating to make them sturdy and durable.

Also print the Lacing Cards on cardstock, cut out and laminate. Use a single hole punch to carefully punch out the white dots. Use strings with plastic tips (like shoestrings) to make it easy for the kids to lace through the holes.

The practice sheets you can reuse by laminating or placing in paper protectors to use with dry-erase markers.

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