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Summer Reading Challenge Binder

Forest Rose Creative

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Do you hope that one day your kids will love reading as much as playing video games? Are you plagued by the fear that they will waste their summer away staring like a zombie at a screen?

Friend, you are not alone, that's why I created this Summer Reading Challenge Binder. This binder has tools to help you create engaged readers over summer break.

In the summer kids have a TON of free time. So if we aren't intentional in scheduling in some parental fun (reading) time for them, it will never happen. Reading for me is very enjoyable and honestly my favorite pastime, but not so much my kids.

Like you, I want my kids to have a bit of a break from from school work, especially after this quarantined elearning, yuck! But I still want to keep their brains engaged.

A Summer Reading Challenge is a perfect way to keep kids safe from the dreaded summer slide without overwhelming them and feeling like an overlord forcing them to do something that feels like school.

They most likely don't want to read because they relate it to schoolwork, so if you make it a challenge with small rewards you just may be able to  motivate them and make it fun.

Perhaps without all the other stresses of real schoolwork, and a shiny new rewards/reading habits. They may just be able to relax into it and realize that after all, it actually is pretty enjoyable to read a good book.

One of the best gifts we can pass on to our kids is a passion for reading.


The binder includes several different ways to challenge your kids. Here is what you will receive in this printable. 

    • Summer At-A-Glance Calendar
    • UNdated June, July and August Calendars
    • Summer Weekly Schedule Sheet so you can pencil in reading times.
    • Hole Punch Bookmark Challenge Bookmarks - Give each child his own bookmark. Cut these out on cardstock and for every book your child reads they get to punch a hole, they also can be used to save the place in their current read. You can give incentive for each book or pick a specific amount of holes before they get a prize. I suggest giving them a GRAND PRIZE for all holes punched. 
    • Hole Punch Challenge Cards - These cards can be used as an alternative to the Hole Punch Bookmarks. 
    • Book Tracker - Keep track of all of those books your child read.
    • Book List - Create a list of great books for your child to choose from.
    • Reading Habit Tracker - It is said that a new habit takes 21 days to be formed. Keep track of the days that your child reads.
    • Reading Journal - Your child can reflect on the story in this free-write journal.
    • Book Report Youth - If you want to add a little more learning use these fun book report sheets for younger kids.
    • Book Report Junior - These are designed for older kids.
    • Reading Bingo Challenge - Give each child his own bingo card. Print these out on cardstock paper.  If they complete one row this is a "bingo". For each bingo, they earn a small prize. If they get a "blackout" (whole card) they get a GRAND PRIZE.
    • Story drawing - This is where the story comes to life. Have your child draw what happened in the story they read each day.
    • Coloring Bookmarks - These coloring bookmarks are another little motivator, especially for kids who love to color. 
    • No Screen-time Till... Summertime can turn into lazy time for kids if we let it. This No Screen-time Until ... printable is a tool to help keep them being productive throughout the summer.
  • No Screen-time Till (Blank) - Create your own duties to be completed before they can have screen-time.
Check out this list of wholesome books for kids!

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Helena E.

Summer Reading

Great Resource!! Very nice and attractive to keep Kids Reading in the summer!!!!!

Sara L.

So beautiful and fun!

I got so excited as soon as I opened my file... The colors and fonts and design of this printable are just so lively and attractive and fun! I'm not sure about anyone else, but the design is so appealing that it makes me what to use everything. Right now. :) Can we please applaud the undated calendars?! And I'm loving the bookmarks to color. Some of the images seem so random, just like me! My kids are going to love the one with the gator/croc, frog, and robot especially.