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Ultimate Independent Kid's Planner Binder

Forest Rose Creative

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This binder has 50 unique page styles organized and ready to print to give you a 222+ page planner/binder for the whole year or just print what you need! Can be used for your kids or YOU!


Raise your hand if you want your kids to be INDEPENDENT? 🙋‍♀️

Who's tired of doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and sounding like a broken record? 🙌

👀 Sam, did you do your chores? 

🗣 Susie, is your schoolwork finished?

...and on and on and ON! 

Having independent kids is not a myth, I promise. It is absolutely possible with the right tools.

The Ultimate Independent Kid’s Binder has all the tools your child needs to make this dream a reality!

From the beginning of parenthood we do everything for our kids. We feed them, bathe them, clothe them, we have to teach them to to do everything. They are completely helpless and dependent upon us.

As our kids grow they are developing and learning skill after skill to be more self-sufficient and become independent. Most of the time, we as moms (raising my hand) struggle to let go and let them grow. I am definitely guilty of helping my kids in the bathroom, cutting their food into tiny bites and much much more – waaaay too long! Anyone else? 

Letting our kids become independent is not only for our convenience, when we encourage our kids to do something on their own they gain self confidence. 

When we encourage them – they start to believe in themselves and realize they can do it.

4 Reasons We Might Not Be Encouraging Independence in our Kids

    1. We can do it faster.
    2. They might fail.
    3. They might make a mess.
    4. They might feel like we don't love them if we stop doing it.

But we have to push those doubts and fears aside and let them grow.

Charlotte Mason said it like this "The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days."

It's worth it to train your kids to be independent. Start now! It's never too late.

The work we put in today will secure us an easier tomorrow.

Just like with discipline, we also need to train our kids in basic life skills. They need to know how to cook, clean, take care of finances, exercise, eat healthy etc.

We have to push aside the tendency (even if well-intentioned)  to be controlling, rushed and truly allow our kids to become independent people.  

So where to start?

Years ago I remember there was a blog called Lazy Mom, I don't think it's still around though.

I know what your thinking, cause that was my first thought too. But, unlike the name suggests, the mom of this blog was absolutely everything but lazy, her point and focus was to STOP doing everything for your kids. 

Your child gets something out - you don't put it away, they do.

Your child spills something - you don't clean it up, they do. 

Are you following me? If we stop doing everything for our kids (become a lazy mom) they will become responsible, independent, self-sufficient and respectful kids. 

What would happen if we just quit doing our kids' dishes, laundry or cleaning their room? Well at first it would probably be a mess, but then after a bit of training they would begin to do things for themselves.

I have a friend, that has trained her kids (little kids) to wash their own dish after every single meal. They are responsible for every dish they dirty. It's simply become a natural routine for her kids to get up from the table and wash, dry and put away their own dishes.


Habit training, little by little can truly change the whole atmosphere of our homes.

Yes, we are the moms and the responsibility of keeping the home falls directly on us, but we are the CEO of our home.

We can either stress out and try to do it all ourselves cleaning up after 4-15 people everyday or we can lead and train our team to do their part while building character and teaching them important life skills as we go.

My hope is that my new printable The Ultimate Independent Kid's Binder will help.

It's basically a planner for kids with a whole lotta extra pages! 

What's in The Ultimate Independent Kid's Binder?

50 different planner pages with a total of 222 pages set up ready to print or just print the pages you need.

    • Pretty Printable for Your Binder Spines from 1 inch to 4 inches.
    • 15 Gorgeous Printables that can be used as Wall Art, Covers or Inserts.
    • Current Events Pages - Current likes/Birthdays/ Important Dates
    • 1 - Full Page Layout Monthly Calendars January - December
    • 2 - Page Layout Monthly Calendars January - December
    • To Do List Layout with Notes
    • Chores/Work/Practice Tracker
    • Weekly Assignments With Daily Breakdown
    • Assignments Tracker Page
    • Habits Tracker
    • Notes Journaling Empty Lined Full Page
    • Monthly Positivity Journal Pages
    • Prayer Journal Empty Lined Full Page
    • Exercise Tracker
    • Page with 3 Workouts in 3 Levels of Training Ability
    • Roll the Dice Workout Training Page
    • Loop Schedule Tracking Sheet
    • Page to Track What Your Child Can Cook for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • Page to Track What Your Child Can Make for Dessert and Appetizers
    • Book Organizer - Currently Reading/ Future Reads / Have Read this Year
    • Short Term Goals Page
    • Long Term Goals Page
    • Life Goals Page
    • Daily Positivity Journal Page
    • Weekly Positivity Journal Page
    • Prayer Habit Tracker Page
    • Current Prayers Journal Page
    • Current Prayers Habit Tracker Page
    • To Do Prayer Journal Page
    • Free Flow Prayer Journaling Page
    • Daily Positivity Journal Page
    • Weekly Positivity Journal Page
    • Monthly Positivity Journal Page
    • Blank Journaling Pages

All of these pages can be used again and again, they will never expire. The calendars are undated so you can use them as many years for as many kids as you need.

Isn't it time that you started to get some of your time back. Print it out, put it in a binder. It will be life changing mama! 

NOTE: This is a digital product, I will not be sending you anything physical in snail mail. Since this product is digital, no returns are available.

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Helena E.
Kids Independence

Great resource for kids being independent!!!! Very Attractive work. I am ready to get this all situated for my children to do there own thing!

Sara L.
Kids' binder? I'm using it for me!

This is a very thorough product with UNDATED calendars, which is so important to its value! The wall art / cover pages are both simple and beautiful, and the rest of the pages coordinate with a very simple navy-colored style. (They will print beautifully without color ink.) The planner is ready to be printed as is, which is very convenient! Or, if you're like me, you might want to print just what you need for the month ahead.

Veronica E.
Can't wait to use this it looks AWESOME!

This is fantastic! So many pages, you really haven't left anything out! I cannot wait to get it all organized and put it into use.

Sandy H.
Game Changer!!!

My favorite part of this binder is the prayer journal/habit tracker. We have loved filling all the prayers in and checking them off every day. Game-Changer in our walk with God and we never forget who or what we are praying for.

Janis A.
No reminders

I used to have to remind my son about every assignment and every single chore. Now he checks his binder daily on his own. Thank you, thank you, thank you!