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Emergency Fund Saving Challenge - 40-Week

Forest Rose Creative

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Emergency Fund Saving Challenge

We all know life is not always sunshine and puppies. So, why not be prepared for those unexpected expenses that pop up?  Flat tire, emergency veterinarian fees, Appliance repairs etc. You just never know.

This simple, easy and fun $1,000 Dollar Savings Challenge Printable is perfect for beginners and even seasoned savers! And there is a saving tracker for any budget. If you want to save a lot or a little. The main goal is to simply start saving. It may take you 40 weeks OR you may reach the goal in three months. You can save at your own pace.

Through a little discipline and consistent healthy money habits you can reach your money goals in no time. 


  • Save $600
  • Save $1000
  • Save $2000
  • Save $3000
  • Save $4000
  • Blank Tracker to Set Your Own Goal

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