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Printable Christmas Savings Challenge

Forest Rose Creative

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Need help getting started with Christmas savings? Savings Tracker visuals help keep you motivated while you save towards your goals. The Christmas Money Saving Challenge Printable is a savings tracker that will help you save $1,500!

This tracker can be used to save money for Christmas or can be used to save money through the throughout the holiday season. Use this Holiday Money Savings Challenge tracker to save for those unexpected expenses and to avoid debt overwhelm throughout the holiday/winter season.

This $1,500 Savings Challenge Printable can serve you for so many purposes like paying off debt, setting it aside for Christmas, increasing your emergency fund, and so much more.

This Christmas Money Savings Challenge includes 10 printable PDF pages:

• 1 - Blank Christmas Savings Challenge Tracker Chart! (write in your own amounts to save)

• 1- $1,500 Christmas Savings Challenge Tracker Chart

• 4- Christmas Themed Printable Envelope to save your cash in.

• 4- Christmas Themed Printable Cash Envelope Registers.

• Instruction PDF This is a digital file nothing will be physically sent to you. FORMAT: PDF (portable digital file)

HOW TO USE: ENVELOPES - Print on cardstock paper, cut along outside edge, fold each dotted line starting with the bottom then sides and top. Use packing tape to hold sides in place.

TRACKERS - Print on standard paper for a more flexible tracker, or cardstock to make them sturdy. Color in an ornament of the amount you place in the envelope.

REGISTERS - Use this to keep track of money going in the envelope. Print on standard paper for a more flexible slip, or cardstock to make them sturdy. Cut along the outside lines. Optional: Laminate and use a thin tip marker to write and use rubbing alcohol to erase.

SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS: Everytime you put money in the envelope color in an ornament that has that amount on it. You can do this weekly, bi-weekly, daily it's totally up to your budget. Repeat until you reach the $1,500 goal.

ALTERNATE OPTIONS: You can use the blank copy to add your own amount on each ornament to reach your chosen goal.

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NOTE: Printing quality depends on your printer. -Go to a local photo lab or print shop

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