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52 Week Money Saving Challenge System

Forest Rose Creative

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Simple and easy to use $1,378 Money Saving Challenge Printable in 52-weeks. A savings tracker that will help you save $1,378 in one year!

Use this 52-week Money Saving Challenge tracker to save for those unexpected expenses and to avoid debt overwhelm.

This $1,378 Savings Challenge Printable can serve you for so many purposes like paying off debt, setting it aside for Christmas, increasing your emergency fund, and more.

This Money Savings Challenge system includes 6 printable PDF pages:

• Blank 52-Week Saving Challenge Tracker Chart

• $1,378 Savings 52 Week Challenge Tracker Chart

• Gorgeous Rose Gold Printable Envelope (print as many as needed)

• Printable Labels (Week 1- Week 52)

• Instruction PDF

This is a digital file nothing will be physically sent to you.

FORMAT: PDF (portable digital file)


ENVELOPES - Print on cardstock paper, cut along outside edge, fold each dotted line starting with the bottom then sides and top. Use packing tape to hold sides in place.

TRACKERS - Print on standard paper for a more flexible tracker, or card stock to make them sturdy. Laminate (optional) and use a thin tip marker to write and use rubbing alcohol to erase.

LABELS- Print on sticker paper, peel and stick to the blank space in the front of the envelopes or print on regular printer paper and tape desired label to the blank space in the front of the envelope.



For week 1 you will put the "Week 1" label on the envelope, add $1 to the envelope and put in a photo box or even an empty shoe box will work. Check the box next to week 1 on the tracker. Repeat with Week 2 at $2 and continue until you reach the 52 week goal.


Instead of following the chart from beginning to end you can skip around and choose what you can afford that week. Just make sure you are checking them off as you go so you have the same end result.

Another option is alternate from top to bottom and meet in the middle at the end of 52 weeks. So you would go in this order... Week 1, Week 52, Week 2, Week 51, Week 3, Week 50 and so on you can just check it off on the completed chart or rewrite it on the blank chart provided. This works great if you get paid bi-weekly.

**Because this is a digital product, no returns are accepted.


-Print it at home with your own printer (Set printing settings to "Actual Size" or Custom Scale 100%) NOTE: Printing quality depends on your printer.

-Go to a local photo lab or print shop

-Upload to an online photo printing company

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