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100 Envelope Challenge

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Need help getting started saving money for a vacation/ Emergency fund?

Savings Challenges and Tracker visuals help keep you motivated while you save towards your goals. The 100 Envelope Challenge is so easy and fun! You will have a nice little nest egg in NO TIME! You got this!



100 Envelope Challenge



1) Print 100 envelopes. I've given you 5 different styles to choose from. If you print 20 of each you will have 100. Cut along outside edge, fold each dotted line starting with the bottom then sides and top. Use packing tape to hold sides in place.

2) Cut out the numbers and glue or tape to the white circle on the front of each envelope.

3) Fill each envelope with cash. i.e #1 put $1, #12 put $12...You can do these in order or randomize.

4) When you put cash in an envelope - color in the reciprocating number on the tracker.

5) Once all the envelopes are filled you should have saved $5,050.


1) 3 page PDF 8.5x11 -Page 1 floral tracker -Page 2 Grey tracker -Page 3 Black & White tracker

2) 8 page PDF 8.5x11 - 5 Different Envelopes - 3 Pages of Number labels and instructions NOTE: your copies do not have the copyright overlay.

1 Zip File with 2 PDFs (11 pages total)

SIZE: US Letter (8.5x11) 

**Because this is a digital product, no returns are accepted.

HOW TO USE: Print on Cardstock to make your tracker more durable or print on standard printer paper for a more flexible tracker. Add to your planner or binder. Color in one Mickey everytime you save $30.


-Print it at home with your own printer (Set printing settings to "Actual Size" or Custom Scale 100%) NOTE: Printing quality depends on your printer.

-Go to a local photo lab or print shop

-Upload to an online photo printing company

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